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    Welcome to the
    New World of Finance

    Announcing Finaeos at
    Finovate Silicon Valley 2016

    Announcing Finaeos at
    Finovate Silicon Valley 2016

    Where Investors, Companies,
    & Professionals create the Market.

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    Announcing Finaeos at
    Finovate Silicon Valley 2016

    Announcing Finaeos at
    Finovate Silicon Valley 2016

    Announcing Finaeos at
    Finovate Silicon Valley 2016

    Presenting our patented Core Syndication Registry -

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    The wait is over!

    Title III - Equity Crowd Funding

    for Individual Investors Officially Opens for Trading May 16, 2016

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    Funding American SMBs

    Regulation A allows companies to raise up to $50million through Crowd-funding.
    Finaeos is designed to make that process easy!

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    Changes to Regulation A
    of the JOB’s Act are now in effect!

    Get your CIK Number today and start the process
    of crowd-funding your next Company Raise.


  • Watch, Ask, Invest
  • Discover Opportunity in Equity, Yield,
  • & Realestate Offerings

Companies & Portals

  • Unlike anything ever before
  • The Core Syndication Registry
  • Find Funding for Your Business
  • Build Your Funding Portal

Professionals & Firms

  • What's your Core on the Cloud?
  • Virtual Client Deal Rooms
  • Automated Offering Documents
  • Global Client Reach
  • Less time - More Potential

Investment Equity

The Private Market doors are open to anyone - now!


Business Capital

Opportunity is no longer restricted by access.


Break Down Barriers

How private investment deals get done.


The Programmable Cloud now on

Your Core Syndication Registry is modular - we'll help you design
specifically for your business, or your portal.

Private? Capital Markets!
the private growth companies ..
Tell us your goals!
From Uber to Airbnb, the NYC World Trade Center, to lender portfolios, private investment markets are the growth markets of today.
Private capital opportunity is finally available to everyone.
Don’t miss the new market - Connect on The Core...

Technology? Portals!
direct to your goals ..
Tell us your goals!
Portals can build, deliver & syndicate on The Core.
Collaboration, computing, direct targets meet with exact precision -
whether your an investor, business or lender...

Collaborate? Communicate!
ask questions, interact, follow ..
Tell us your goals!
Discover the power of virtual deal rooms.
“Word of mouth” - uncover trends, ask CEO’s directly via
video instant message, discussion.
The world is talking and executives who know the business
help you “be in the know”...

drive the financial markets today ..
Tell us your goals!
Finding connections on the core where investors meet business opportunity -
no more barriers.
The Core creates opportunity where shareholders,
yield and business benefit together...

Intelligence? Fast Thinking!
machines + humans moving mountains ..
Tell us your goals!
When machine intelligence and human intelligence meet - everything changes.
Markets are no longer controlled by central powers, it’s hybrid economy.
The Core let’s you build your place in business or for your portfolio...

Whether you're making an investment, buying or selling a company, seeking the best yield, entering or exiting - Get on "The Core"